Envelope Sizes and Styles

Useful terms:

  • Bespoke – made up envelopes to customer requirements. Not available from stock.
  • GSM – the weight of the paper, measured in g/m2.
  • Gummed – sealing method that requires moistening to seal.
  • Gusset – an envelope with expandable sides.
  • Mailing wallet / machinable – envelope for use on an inserting/mailing machine.
  • Opaque – printed colour wash inside envelopes (usually for security reasons).
  • Peel and seal – sealing method with a peel off strip.
  • Pocket – envelopes with the flap on the short edge.
  • Recycled – envelopes made from post-consumer waste.
  • Self seal – sealing method where the two flaps are pressed together to form an instant bond.
  • Wallet – envelopes with the flap on the long edge.