Recycled envelopes allow you to post out mail whilst also caring for the environment. We offer a range of products that are FSC or PEFC certified, as well as envelopes that are 100% recycled. A number of recycled envelopes are printed with the recycled logo credentials, allowing your business to easily communicate to your customers that you are environmentally aware and responsible.

Whether you need high quality recycled white envelopes for your business stationery, or recycled gusset or padded envelopes for posting out brochures, we can supply a product to fit your requirement.

Recycled White Envelopes

Sizes C6, DL, C5, C4
102 x 216mm, 114 x 229mm, 114 x 235mm, 162 x 238mm
Colours White, natural white
Seals Gummed, self seal, peel and seal, pockets and wallets
Windows Non-window and standard window
Weight 90gsm, 100gsm, 110gsm
Quantity Available in any quantity. Box size 250, 500 or 1000 (depending on envelope size)
Uses Environmental business stationery and direct mail

Recycled Colour Envelopes

Sizes C6, DL, C5

82 x 113mm, 125 x 175mm, 133 x 184mm, 155 x 155mm

Colours Ivory, lime green, white
Seals Gummed diamond flap
Windows Non-window
Weight 100gsm
Quantity Available in any quantity
Uses Environmental business stationery and direct mail, invitations, greetings cards

Recyclable Polybubble Envelopes

Sizes 145 x 90mm, 195 x 145mm, 245 x 170mm, 345 x 230mm, 385 x 285mm,
445 x 340mm, 680 x 444mm
Colours White
Seals Peel and seal pockets
Windows Non-window
Weight 100 microns
Quantity Available in any quantity
Uses Brochures, marketing literature

Recycled Gusset Envelopes

Sizes C5 (229 x 162 x 25mm), C4 (324 x 229 x 25mm)

254 x 178 x 25mm, 352 x 250 x 25mm, 381 x 254 x 25mm, 406 x 305 x 30mm, 450 x 324 x 30mm

Colours White, manilla, cream manilla
Seals Peel and seal gusset pockets
Windows Non-window and window
Weight 120gsm, 130gsm, 140gsm
Quantity Box size 100 or 125 (depending on envelope size)
Uses Environmental business stationery, invitations, certificates