Tear resistant envelopes are often used to send out important documents where it is imperative that the envelopes do not rip, and have a high quality look and feel. As well as standard white, we also supply Tyvek tear resistant envelopes.

Polythene envelopes are a cost effective way of posting brochures, magazines and catalogues, whilst cello envelopes are a must for packaging greetings cards, either individually or in packs.

Tear Resistant

Sizes C5, C4, B4, 394 x 305mm
C4 gusset, B4 gusset, 381 x 254 x 30mm gusset, 406 x 305 x 50mm gusset
Colours White
Seals Peel and seal
Windows Non-window, standard window
Weight 125gsm
Quantity Available in any quantity. Box size 100, 125 or 250 (depending on envelope size)
Uses A paper envelope that is tear resistant, water and grease proof


Sizes C5+, C4+, C3+, C2

430 x 460mm, 525 x 450mm

Colours White
Seals Peel and seal
Weight 50 micron, 65 micron, 70 micron
Quantity Available in any size. Box size 100, 200, 500 or 1000 (depending on envelope size)
Uses Posting magazines, brochures and catalogues


Sizes 65 x 90mm, 87 x 113mm, 89 x 216mm, 115 x 110mm, 115 x 220 (for DL cards), 120 x 115mm, 125 x 230mm, 120 x 162mm (for A6 cards), 130 x 175mm, 135 x 130mm, 138 x 185mm, 145 x 140mm, 148 x 200mm, 157 x 220mm, 155 x 150mm (for 155 x 150mm cards), 160 x 155mm, 165 x 160mm, 165 x 230mm (for A5 cards), 168 x 163mm, 177 x 240mm, 225 x 220mm, 234 x 324 (for C4 envelopes), 363 x 457mm
Colours Clear
Seals Resealable
Weight 30 micron
Quantity Available in any size. Box size 100, 250 or 500 (depending on envelope size)
Uses Suitable for greetings cards

Documents Enclosed

Sizes C7, C6, DL, C5, C4
Colours Clear
Seals Peel and seal with self-adhesive back for adhesion to a package
Weight 30gsm
Quantity Available in any size. Box size 500 or 1000.
Uses Available plain or printed with ‘Documents Enclosed’ for sticking delivery details or invoices to packages